Segway Kickscooter Ninebot ES2 trials

Posted at — Jul 18, 2020

My girlfriend and me have bought the very same electric kick scooter, the Segway Kickscooter Ninebot ES-2. We have done the very same trip at the same time. Both scooters are brand new. This showcase very nicely the importance of weight regarding electric kick-scooter autonomy.

Beware: This electric kick-scooter requires you to install an application on your phone. On Android, the application is available on Aptoide and works without Google services. However this application is 100% proprietary, poor quality, and clearly from China. It will publish the distance you travel somewhere without asking you first.

Overall the kick scooters made the trip quite fun.

The trip was mostly on a flat road.

My girlfriend:


Since we did the very same trip, it’s not really clear why the application didn’t report exactly the same distance for both of us.